What is Cold Brew?

What is Cold Brew?

What is cold Brew?

Cold brew is exactly what it sounds like; a smooth tasting coffee brewed with cold water. Cold brewing allows for a reduction in bitterness and acidity, resulting in a smooth, well-rounded flavor profile.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro cold brew is traditional cold brew coffee pulled through a nitrogen tap; similar to that of Guinness draft beer. Pouring cold brew through a nitro tap offers a dynamically silky, bubbly mouthfeel and cascades just like a Guinness. It is an attention-grabbing product and the addition of nitrogen adds a new aspect to the flavor of the cold brew.

Nitro cold brew requires you to have the proper set up in your restaurant or bar. With the addition of a kegerator and a cold brew tap, you’ll be on your way to serving a product that is appealing to the eyes and pallet and incredibly attention grabbing for your guests.

Mix it up

Cold brew and nitro cold brew are rapidly becoming popular and can add a unique addition to your restaurant, coffee shop, or bar. Experiment with both regular cold brew and nitro cold brew by infusing them with popular, top-shelf liquors and liqueurs. Try adding a shot of Baileys to nitro cold brew for an Irish based coffee or get really creative with a cold brew coffee float.