Coffee Surf Sumatra Mandheling

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Grown on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, a lush tropical island known for its world-class, mystical, surf breaks, Mandheling is known as much for its smooth, full body (mouthfeel) as its rich, complex taste. The coffee is named after North Sumatra's Mandailing people. 

Sumatra Mandheling is often described as earthy and intense with an herbal aroma. With just enough acidity to provide a vibrancy. Mandeling coffee often exhibits tones of sweet chocolate and licorice.

Though Mandheling is dry processed, the method includes washing the dried husk of the coffee cherry (fruit) in hot water which provides a more uniform appearance of the coffee beans than the typical dry-processed coffee, of which contributes to the coffee's fine flavor.

Sumatra Mandheling coffee grows in Padang's west-central region between 2,500 and 5,000 feet above sea level. The coffee is often given a dark roast or medium-dark roast to bring out the coffee's sweet taste as well as its earthy qualities.